GT Robot Company was founded in Singapore in 2015 and is headquartered in Singapore. GT Robot Company specializes in robotics and artificial intelligence research. It has a large number of independent research and development patented technologies. Based on core technologies such as speech recognition, semantic analysis, vertical search, visual recognition, and autonomous driving, it is committed to artificial intelligence as the center and through the combination of software and hardware products. Land in various life scenarios to create the next generation of smart lifestyle. The company's most well-known products include GTGT Wonder Boy.
  GT Robot Company is well-known for innovation among high-tech companies and is a world-renowned robot R&D and manufacturing organization. The birth of mobile retail smart robots marked the official entry of one of the world’s largest companion robot companies into the new smart sales consumer market

Cloud Powered

Business Service 4.0 is the GT technology blueprint. It will provide a new generation of end-to-end, frictionless, empathetic, and predictable customer needs for smart cities.
As more and more companies use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced interfaces, services will also be designed around customer needs, and by predicting customer needs, customers can enjoy a better and seamless service experience. Therefore, enterprises can quickly innovate and create new value.
Business Service 4.0 is a people-oriented vision that uses technology to improve work efficiency, enabling companies to innovate flexibly, grasp opportunities in the digital market, and provide customers with an excellent experience.
Machines can do ordinary repetitive tasks, thereby increasing the productivity of employees so that they can focus on high-value areas, use their creativity, analytical thinking, emotional intelligence and provide opinions in these areas. Through the use of smart machines and tools, not only can work efficiency be improved, but also better perspectives can be obtained to make more informed decisions.

In order to realize the service 4.0 vision, GTos has established the cloud native architecture as the core of the ever-evolving GTR ecosystem, and by providing more convenient channels for acquiring new technologies, improving the cost-effectiveness and scalability of products to meet customer needs.
According to the GT technology blueprint, the GT ecosystem will follow up with changing m
arket demands.





GT is not only a robot research and development manufacturer. After-sales service for life is the goal of GT's commitment.



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